North Louisiana Fly Fishers
Newsletter - The Fly Line
The Fly Line is the newsletter of the North Louisiana Fly Fishers. It contains information on upcoming NLFF events as well as fly fishing events from around the state of Louisiana and neighboring states. A Fly of the Month recipe is also included, usually having to do with what is being tied at that month's Fly Tying Class at Bass Pro in Bossier City. A fly fishing related article also graces the pages every month. Club members are encouraged to submit their own articles or fishing trip reports for publishing. A recap of last month's meeting and a preview of our speaker for the current month's meeting round out the issue.
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Current Issue
October 2017
* Article - How to Take Your Spouse on a Fly Fish-ing Vacation and Stay Happily Married
   * Fly of the Month - Our banquet will on the normal fly tying day. Fly tying will be the iron fly contest at the banquet.

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* Fly of the Month -
        Pink Weenie

* Article -
        Where the Heck is My Bobbin?

* Fly of the Month -
        Bead-head Soft Hackle
        Hair's Ear

* Article -
        5 Best Fly Fishing Destinations
        by Region

* Fly of the Month -

* Article -
        Up Around the Bend - Fly
        Fishing and Perspective

* Fly of the Month -

* Article -
        A Look at Reel Recovery

* Fly of the Month -
        Slow-Sinking Spider

* Articles -
        Introducing Fly Fishers

        Change the Way You Fish
        Pressured Waters

* Fly of the Month -
        None - Will Return
                   Next Month
*Article -
       3 Reasons You Are Not
       Catching Bass

* Fly of the Month -
        HumBug - A Killer Sunfish Fly

* Article -
        Check Out Your Local Waters
             by Steve Oliver

* Fly of the Month -
        Jitterbee - A Bream Killer

* Article -
        3 Things You Must Know to
        Chase Carp on the Fly

* Upcoming Event -NLFF's Masters
        Series with George Daniel

* Fly of the Month -
        Soft Hackle Fly

* Article -
        None in this Issue

* Articles -
        NLFF at the GCC Fly Fishing
        Fair with Pictures

        They're at Your Feet, Dude!
        6 Reasons to Make Shorter

* Fly of the Month -
        Top 5 Streamer Patterns

* Article -
        5 Signs You Might Be a
        Streamer Junkie

* Fly of the Month -
        "Golf Tee Popper"
        "Wiggle Minnow" Revisited

* Article -
        The Power of Suggestion- 
        3 Key Elements to Streamer
        Fly Design